Change Spinney, Ratby

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    • Selected Wild Place = PINK
    • Other Wild Places = RED
    • Public Rights of Way = GREEN
    • VC55 boundary = BLUE
    Getting There

    There is no road access so to get there you must walk along the public footpath network, either from Ratby village or from Burroughs Road.

    Wild places

    Total species seen at this site: 69


    This small fragment of ancient wood was extended by the Woodland Trust (sometimes called Hollow Oak Wood). It lies on a traditional walk route referred to as the 'Ratby Change' with a public footpath running through it.

    Wildlife Highlights

    The mature trees are mainly English Oak with an understory of Hazel and Hawthorn. The new plantings have introduced other tree species such as Ash and Wild Cherry. In the Spring, many wildflowers associated with anceient, or long-established, woodland can be seen, including Yellow Archangel, Bluebell and Wood Anemone.

    Latest records
    Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
    Clouded FunnelClitocybe nebularis20/11/2019David Nicholls
    Arthonia radiata20/11/2019David Nicholls
    Cherry Gall WaspCynips quercusfolii20/11/2019David Nicholls
    OakmossEvernia prunastri20/11/2019David Nicholls
    Hammered Shield LichenParmelia sulcata20/11/2019David Nicholls
    Broad-leaved DockRumex obtusifolius17/04/2019David Nicholls
    SkylarkAlauda arvensis17/04/2019David Nicholls
    Red CampionSilene dioica17/04/2019David Nicholls
    BlackthornPrunus spinosa17/04/2019David Nicholls
    BlackbirdTurdus merula17/04/2019David Nicholls
    Green WoodpeckerPicus viridis17/04/2019David Nicholls
    PeacockAglais io17/04/2019David Nicholls
    Carrion CrowCorvus corone17/04/2019David Nicholls
    Common NettleUrtica dioica17/04/2019David Nicholls
    Pill WoodlouseArmadillidium vulgare17/04/2019David Nicholls

    Group Common name Latin name Last seen
    Bees, Wasps, AntsCherry Gall WaspCynips quercusfolii20/11/2019
    BeetlesAmara ovata17/04/2019
    BirdsSkylarkAlauda arvensis17/04/2019
    BirdsCarrion CrowCorvus corone17/04/2019
    BirdsBlue TitCyanistes caeruleus15/04/2019
    BirdsGreen WoodpeckerPicus viridis17/04/2019
    BirdsBlackbirdTurdus merula17/04/2019
    ButterfliesPeacockAglais io17/04/2019
    ButterfliesBrimstoneGonepteryx rhamni17/04/2019
    Centipedes & MillipedesCommon CryptopsCryptops hortensis15/04/2019
    Centipedes & MillipedesPill MillipedeGlomeris marginata15/04/2019
    Ferns & HorsetailsBroad Buckler FernDryopteris dilatata15/04/2019
    Flies, Gnats and MidgesBee FlyBombylius major17/04/2019
    Flies, Gnats and MidgesGraphomya maculata17/11/2011
    Flies, Gnats and MidgesPhaonia subventa17/11/2011
    Flies, Gnats and MidgesHolly leaf minerPhytomyza ilicis15/04/2019
    FungiClouded FunnelClitocybe nebularis20/11/2019
    FungiElder WhitewashHyphodontia sambuci17/11/2011
    FungiWood BlewitLepista nuda17/11/2011
    FungiStump PuffballLycoperdon pyriforme17/11/2011
    FungiBirch PolyporePiptoporus betulinus17/11/2011
    FungiBitter Chocolate RustUromyces ficariae15/04/2019
    harvestmen (Opiliones)Platybunus triangularis17/04/2019
    LichensArthonia radiata20/11/2019
    LichensOakmossEvernia prunastri20/11/2019
    LichensLecanora chlarotera17/04/2019
    LichensLecidella elaeochroma17/04/2019
    LichensHammered Shield LichenParmelia sulcata20/11/2019
    LichensXanthoria parietina17/04/2019
    Slugs & SnailsSmooth Glass SnailAegopinella nitidula15/04/2019