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    Ladybirds and Longhorns

    Recently published - new County Summaries and Atlases to two of the most popular groups of beetles - Longhorns and Ladybirds - by Graham Finch, VC55 County Recorder for Coleoptera. More...

    Most people are familiar with the ladybirds and have no problem recognising the most frequently seen half a dozen or so. However there are 55 species (47 resident) recorded for Britain and Ireland of which several are very similar, some infrequently seen and others that are very small, plain and not instantly recognised as ladybirds at all. In total, 37 species of ladybirds have been recorded in VC55 at one time or another, so we have records for over half of the British list. Both guides cover the distribution and contain helpful identification tips for lesser known species: 

    A summary and atlas of the Coccinellidae (ladybirds) of Leicestershire and Rutland

    A summary and atlas of the Cerambycidae (longhorn beetles) of Leicestershire and Rutland