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    The Iconic Oak

    The latest issue of Wood Wise from the Woodland Trust tells the story of the oak – its role in British culture and as a haven for wildlife. More...

    Oak trees have long had a reputation for supporting a lot of other species, but until recently we had no idea just how many and what those species were. Recent work has listed 2300 species associated with oak, 320 of which are only found on oak and a further 229 species which are rarely found on any species other than oak. 

    Did you know?
    Leicestershire's rarest spider, Mida midas, was only known to occur in a single over-mature Oak tree in Donnington Park and may now be extinct in the county after the tree collapsed.

    The UK's most beloved tree species faces many threats - with hundreds of species dependent on oak, what would we do without it? Read more:

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