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    WWW Falklands
    Gainpiero Farrari, Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society.


    Photos by John Tinning: King Penguins, Crested caracara, Elephant Seals, Black-browed Albatross.

    Walking among the giant Elephant Seals, or a colony of stunning Albatrosses, photographing the Giant Southern Petrels gliding over the waves, or waiting on the beach for Penguins to come a shore just a few feet away from you. This are just a few of the many highlights which Falkland Islands, with is wild and unspoiled habitat, and the very approachable wildlife offers to the nature enthusiast. Bleaker-Saunders-Carcass and Sea lion Island are the places visited in this trip, with so many different species of birds, from the tiny Wren to the Endemic Caracara, from the Rock Hopper to King Penguin, and many many more species like Gulls, Ducks, Geese, Waterfowl, Grebes, Waders, Thrushes, Finches, Cormorants, and the aggressive Skua. Local Flora, landscape and a visit to the capital Stanley. 
    Gianpiero is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, he has been interested in nature for many years. He started wildlife photography about 25 years ago, and he loves every aspect of Natural History, from the smallest flowers to the larger mammals. He won several National competitions, and some of his work has been used in many publications, for example BBC Wildlife magazine, RSPB Calendars and Collins field guide books.