Sounds of the Wild: An Introduction to Passive Acoustic Monitoring Virtual Meetup (Zoom)

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    Virtual Meetup (Zoom)

    In this Field Studies Council online meeting Richard Beason will be talking about his research using Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM). Richard has studied the effects of different habitat management practices on bats and birds in the UK and Germany using PAM. Sound represents an important aspect of the environment, which has previously been under appreciated. However, recent developments in automated sound recording technology have facilitated the increasing use of PAM as a means of gathering information on various taxa (e.g. bats, birds, fish, Orthoptera, elephants, primates, cetaceans and anurans) and their environments. As a passive technique, PAM minimises disturbance, does not require a specialist permit, creates a permanent historical record and enables continuous surveys to be performed simultaneously in multiple locations over long time periods. PAM shares many advantages with camera traps yet can monitor a wider variety of taxa over greater ranges. PAM has additionally been used to assess other environmental aspects such as noise pollution, ecosystem health and hunting pressure.
    We’ll be using Zoom for this virtual meeting - we’ll send details on how to join to everyone who books a place on the day. Please note that you only need to book one space per device, even if several of you are planning to watch the session on the same device.
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