Submitted by AJ Cann on Mon, 13/07/2020 - 09:17
    BSBI Maps

    Recently the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland (BSBI) produced species density maps for the British Isles. The maps show species per tetrad for the periods 1950-2019, and for 2000-June 2020. More...

    These maps show the distribution of vascular plants in two different time periods so are not directly comparable, but there are some similarities in the patterns. In spite of the recording differences, they do seem to show a trend of species loss. The maps also also show that urban areas - Charnwood, the Soar and Wreake valleys, the Leighfield forest, the Grand Union canal and the limestone areas of SE Rutland - are hotspots for diversity in VC55. However, NE Rutland remains species-depleted, as does much of the SW to NE agricultural region.

    Thanks to Geoffrey Hall for this information.