Leicester Lit & Phil Natural History Section - The Challenging World of Plant Galls

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    Chris Leach, British Plant Gall Society, online via Zoom


    Plant galls are growths on plants that provide food and protection to the organisms that induce their development. Galls are therefore also potentially desirable residencies for a large number of non-gall causing organisms and it is not surprising that gall causers are under constant attack from potential lodgers and parasites. This presentation will include a wide variety of gall causing groups including wasps, sawflies, fruit flies, aphids and mites and will show the extent to which these groups have developed strategies to ward off potential attacks and inclement conditions. The strategies are as diverse as producing physical barriers, recruiting mercenaries, training a protecting work force, making glue and producing jumping galls! Join us online from 7pm for 7.30 - refreshments served from 7pm!

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