Submitted by Trevor Davis on Wed, 27/01/2021 - 10:16

    I have only just discovered this forum area of the website and think it may be a better place to submit my fumbling attempts at and total failures to identify fungi.  When I asked Google to suggest a gill fungus with rich brown but not sticky cap and dark brown stem and gills it came up with lots of pictures of velvet shank. Sterry disagrees so I have no idea what this is, growing on the short stump of an unidentifiable (by me) deciduous tree - possibly hawthorn - by the Ashby Wolds Way near Oakthorpe.  


    Thanks, Melinda.  The specimen possibly was frozen through; it was very cold, and I had to brush snow off it!  It's just that my book says the gills of velvet shank (which I have never knowingly seen before) are yellow or pale orange whereas these are a really dark brown.  Could the freezing, or some other factor,  have affected the colour like that? 

    Submitted by Melinda Bell on Wed, 10/02/2021 - 15:20


    It is lovely to find more folks looking at fungi. Don't be put off. Please put up your finds on NatureSpot. When this horrible virus is defeated, or driven into a corner, perhaps we can do a fungus foray as a group? We just had a walk round Boothorpe and Conkers. Aren't we lucky living near so much interesting access land?


    Submitted by Trevor Davis on Sat, 09/10/2021 - 16:42

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    Hello Melinda,  I'm not sure how to use forums like this NatureChat to communicate with specific individuals.  Maybe it is not the best way; maybe email is better.  But assuming that my using the reply function will flag this note up to you, I thought I would ask you about the possibility of the foray that you mentioned.  The virus seems to be on the back foot at least for the moment, we are in a good time of year for seeing fungi and I am very excited by the prospect of seeing fungi in the company of somebody who knows more about them than me.  I am away from Leicestershire at the moment but will return on 18th October.  I am based in the Oakthorpe/Donisthorpe/Measham/Ashby area, by the way.  I was exploring a wood in Scottish Borders yesterday and got lots of photos of fascinating fungi which I could not identify, and which cannot go onto Naturespot!

    Submitted by Melinda Bell on Tue, 12/10/2021 - 17:06


    Hello Trevor

    Glad you are still enjoying fungus-spotting. It is a quite slow start round here this year for some reason.

    I  suggest you look at the iRecord website where you can post finds from  outside Leicestershire.

    We would love a fungus foray later on in the month. I am afraid we really know very little about most of them either. We are always very happy to go out and look at some.

    Melinda and Tim