Submitted by Trevor Davis on Wed, 03/02/2021 - 10:08

    ... but here goes, nonetheless!  

    I have been living in Oakthorpe for just over 20 years and was introduced to the Naturespot website about 8 years ago, on a day course which was part of the Black to Green project.  The course was really good; I had just retired and being in the smart modern meeting room in Bath Yard with other keen people and our laptops was just like being back at work, except that it was fun!

    The entries I have made fall into three groups; 1.  Uploads of photos I had already taken locally going back to 2007 (Isn't it wonderful how digital photos always have a datestamp, and those taken on a phone even record the location, usually.) 2. Observations made in fairly small numbers since joining and 3) Observations made in much larger numbers since the pandemic started!

    I try to make my interests as wide as possible.  I have always done birdwatching and my ability to identify unaided is at its greatest there (though there are still gaps!) and flowering plants also I have some experience of, though I would never dare to identify an orchid to species level. Butterflies and moths, damselflies and dragonflies,  My chief new interest is fungi; I think they are fascinating, very beautiful and I usually have no idea what species they are.  All that I have learnt about fungi is that with a few obvious exceptions, hardly any fungus you see on the ground (or on the tree) looks like any fungus you can find in a book.  I have particular sympathy for any moderator who has to make sense of my fungus observations...