Field Studies Council - Discovering Beetles - Online Training Course

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    Online via Zoom, Tutor Dan Asaw 


    Over 4000 different species of beetles occur in Britain. Their huge diversity in form, behaviour and ecology make them a fascinating group to study and observe but also can make them seem daunting to beginners. Find out about the lifestyle and varied forms of one of the UK’s most numerous and varied groups of invertebrates. The course will give beginners the underpinning knowledge of beetle biology, ecology, behaviour and basic collection methods in order to embark on their beetle journey. This course is comprised of 4 modules, expected to completed within a four week period and utilises expertise from experienced coleopterists:

    • Beetle Biology
    • Beetle Ecology
    • Finding Beetles
    • Beetle Behaviour

    This is a new online training course from the FSC BioLinks project, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the Field Studies Council. FSC Training Courses are very high quality and these new online courses make them available to all without having to travel to an FSC training centre. 

    Cost: £20/60  

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