Submitted by Simon Bennett on Thu, 10/06/2021 - 18:17

    Can anyone help with this midge- or mosquito-like insect?  I saw one on the garden last week and was struck by what looked like a green mosquito.  It held its forelegs out in front in a posture that I associate with mosquitoes.  However, it flew away before I could get a camera.

    Today I have seen a couple and managed to get some photographs of this one.  It doesn't appear to have sucking mouth parts.  I think it is longer and slimmer than Stenochironomus gibbus , the only green midge I could find on NatureSpot.  Or is it simply a very green version of Chironomus plumosus ?  If I capture one, is anyone interested in examining it and keying it out?

    Green midge or mosquito.


    Green midge or mosquito