Submitted by AJ Cann on Wed, 29/09/2021 - 15:40
Shire Grant

Thanks to a Shires Environment Grant from Leicestershire County Council, NatureSpot has been able to set up 30 new parish pages on our award-winning website. More...

These pages provide a unique insight into the wildlife seen by local people as each new record with its associated images is published on the page. This also encourages more residents to submit records of the wildlife they see, helping to map the biodiversity of both the parish and the county as a whole. The grant places were primarily offered to parish councils involved in the County Council s verge biodiversity project, where NatureSpot is a partner. Most snapped up the opportunity to have a feature page for the biodiversity of their parish and the chance to raise awareness amongst the local community of local wildlife.

The parish pages filter and display all the NatureSpot records and images for that area - drawn from past and present data. Collectively the 30 parishes are now listing over 35,000 records and over 22,000 images. Some of these 30 parishes are already well-recorded with Newtown Linford leading the way with 1,588 different species listed, in contrast with Bringhurst that just lists 8. All have huge potential to expand this list, as demonstrated by Sapcote which has over 3,000 species recorded on NatureSpot!

All 70 featured parishes can be viewed using the parish menu on NatureSpot's home page. If your parish isn't included and you are interested in seeing it featured, get in touch at


Newton Linford