Lit&Phil Natural History Section - The Making of a Marvel, The Inside Out of Flies - Erica McAlister

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Erica McAlister, Senior Curator, Flies and Fleas, The Natural History Museum, will highlight many of the amazing structures, behaviours and ecology of some of our most maligned of animals – the flies. Flies are one of the mega-diverse groups of animals that dominate this planets biota, and as such are incredibly important in ecosystems – from pollination to decomposition they are essential. Their ecological diversity is a result from a flexible form – from the marvellous maggots to the ferocious flyers – flies have managed to penetrate most regions on the planet (and even ones beyond). From the tips of their antennae to the end of their abdomens they have adapted, modified and manipulated their bodies, and some of these modifications are providing us with some amazing inspiration. Join us online at 7.30pm.

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