Otter Survey on the Soar

End time

Cossington Meadows Nature Reserve and River Soar, park on Syston Road layby near to Cossington Meadows Nature Reserve entrance

Help celebrate World Otter Day by joining in with a survey along the banks of the Soar and Wreake looking for signs of Otter activity and helping the Leicestershire and Rutland Mammal Group to record evidence of  where they are in the county.

The walk is approximately 2.5 miles and will involve frequent stops to look for Otter field signs and other mammal signs along the way. All records will be submitted to naturespot and the Wildlife Trust to help raise awareness of mammal conservation and management of the reserve

Contact the mammal group at to book your place

Please note that there is no charge for this event but a small donation is appreciated which will support mammal conservation, surveys and training.