Submitted by AJ Cann on Tue, 02/08/2022 - 15:19
Caloptilia semifascia

Mark Skevington has formally taken on the VC55 County Moth Recorder. More...

Mark Skevington writes: 
As of August 2022 I have formally taken on the County Moth Recorder role, assisted by a wider team of recorders, to whom many thanks are due. One thing that does need to be re-built is an e-mail circulation list. Please do not assume that I have your e-mail contact, and equally I need to know that you do want to be included on any VC55 e-mail communications. To this end, could everyone who wishes to receive (very sporadic!) VC55 moth-related e-mails from the CMR team please respond as follows:

  • Send e-mail to vc55CMR @ (no spaces)
  • Subject line: E-mail Circ
  • Confirm your name and VC55 location in body of e-mail

Please could you also pass this on to anyone within VC55 that you know who may not be on this site. Many thanks.

Photo: Caloptilia semifascia, Mark Skevington