Submitted by AJ Cann on Wed, 01/02/2023 - 16:09
Rare Plant Register

An updated Rare Plant Register (RPR) for VC55 has been published by Geoffrey Hall and Stephen Woodward. More...

The VC55 Rare Plant Register summarises the status of 398 plants of conservation concern in Leicestershire and Rutland, as defined by local and national criteria. Its main purpose is to list those plants most in need of conservation action, if further local extinctions are to be avoided. This RPR includes some additional, locally-designated categories, and for each entry, gives details about the status (origin) in VC55 and England, historic occurrence, site records, and conservation categories in VC55, England, Great Britain and Internationally. The text provides detail about the methods used to select and categorise the entries in the list, includes a summary of the changes since the last RPR was issued in 2011, and some commentary on the significance of the changes observed. Copies costs £13 plus p&p (sent by Royal Mail, please add £3 for second class postage, £4 for first class), and orders should be sent to: Geoffrey or Steve will also bring copies for purchase to the next suitable meeting of the Loughborough Nats, the Market Bosworth Natural History Society, the Leicester Lit. & Phil. Society and the Rutland Natural History Society.