Butterflies and Butterfly recording in Leicestershire and Rutland - Richard Jeffery - Leicester Lit and Phil Natural History Section

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Leicester Museum & Art Gallery, 53 New Walk, Leicester, LE1 7EA

An introduction to the butterflies (and a few day-flying moths) of Leicestershire and Rutland, and a look at how they’ve fared over the last 50 years.

We will take a look at the familiar butterflies that we are likely to find in our gardens, and on our regular walks, and I will give an introduction to the more habitat specialist butterflies that can be found in the county. There are a few day-flying moths that regularly turn up on butterfly surveys and we will discuss these too. We have all heard of how Climate Change is affecting the flora and fauna on our planet, and whilst there are many species that are in a decline, there are some that are bucking this trend and taking advantage of the warming climate. We will investigate how our county butterflies have fared since the 1970’s, highlighting some of the losers and embracing a few winners too.

Free for members, £2 charge for non-members.