Submitted by AJ Cann on Thu, 16/11/2023 - 09:33


It will not have escaped your notice that it's been wet and stormy. More...

In October the UK had 40% more rain than average, Nottinghamshire had its wettest October on record and Leicestershire was not far behind. River flow in the Soar was nearly double the average level. November has continued in the same vein and the forecast suggests there is no end to this pattern in sight. As the atmosphere warms it holds more moisture, around 7% more for every degree of warming. Overall not only is our climate getting warmer, it is also getting wetter and stormier. Despite the wet, temperatures have generally been above average, over 1°C above the 1991-2020 October long term average. However, the UK has had an average of 10-20% less hours of sunshine in the last month than the long-term average, something that you notice when the days get shorter. What does it all mean for wildlife recording? We receive fewer records as fewer people venture out in the rain! If you've one of the few hardy waterproof recorders - thank you. The natural world responds to all these changes - warmer, wetter, windier, darker. We (meaning "you") need to record this to understand the full impact of climate on our environment. Don your wellies and if it's not too windy, grab an umbrella and get outdoors (sensible footwear is advised - no flipflops please). 


Source: Met Office data, CEH Hydrology Report