Submitted by Kaye Axon on Sun, 28/01/2024 - 12:33

This moss was small in diameter 1-2cm on granite paving slabs, I think it may be a common pincushion but I'm new to moss IDing so can someone point me in the right direction please.


Submitted by Peter Smith on Mon, 29/01/2024 - 08:53


I'm also a beginner with mosses so I've ony considered the common species that I'm familiar with but I wonder whether you have two different ones there.

I'm fairly certain that the dome in the middle, with long white hairs and capsules bent back into the cushion, is Grey-cushioned Grimmia (Grimmia pulvinata).

The very narrow, pointed, upright capsules might belong to Wall Screw-moss (Tortula muralis) but you would probably need a clearer photo of the leaves to be sure.