Submitted by Mashie on Mon, 08/07/2024 - 11:26

Please can anyone help with ID? I saw a beautiful beetle a couple of days ago on a leaf near the edge of my large pond in my rural garden in Northamptonshire. Plants nearby - dock, astilbe, watermint, lysymachia, reeds, iris, grass and lots of garden plants. It's a wildlife-friendly garden with many native plants and trees.

The beetle was stunning. Overall, it like a 1cm wide drop of mercury but its colour was iridescent gold-green. It varied from gold to green as I moved relative to it. The head was almost invisible - it just seemed like one large dewdrop of colour.

No stripes or markings noticed. Not a rosemary beetle. Larger imo than mint beetle which I have seen before (and which has a more noticeable head).

I haven't found any likely candidate that really looks like it. Questioning now whether I somehow failed to notice the head, but believe the head was markedly smaller than the rest of the body (and no clear thorax/abdomen divide either, and no clear sign of wings - ie folded very neatly, no central line visible - it looked like a single hemisphere).

Sorry I didn't photograph it - I thought I'd easily identify it online and have failed to. I don't think mint beetle or green dock beetle from pics.