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    Total species seen in this parish: 15


    Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council

    Wild places

    Welcome to Carlton

    Welcome to the Carlton NatureSpot page which gives local residents the opportunity to find out about, and contribute to our knowledge of, the wildlife in our parish. Just click on the headers of these news stories to read more.

    Recording Carlton Wildlife

    We would like more wildlife observations from the parish. So, if you've seen a species you recognise, from a Blue tit to a Bluebell, click on the header to find out what to do.

    Parish Update

    Carlton is a small rural parish and village in the attractive countryside of western Leicestershire, and the Borough of Hinckley & Bosworth. The Parish has an area of 309.565 Ha, and had 304 registered electors and 146 occupied dwellings in January 2017.

    Latest records

    Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
    Grass SnakeNatrix natrix07/09/2019LizzyPeat
    Common ToadBufo bufo07/09/2019LizzyPeat
    YellowhammerEmberiza citrinella08/04/2019joannelowe12
    Marsh WoundwortStachys palustris20/08/2018irturner
    ArrowheadSagittaria sagittifolia20/08/2018irturner
    Common Cat's-earHypochaeris radicata20/08/2018irturner
    Orange BalsamImpatiens capensis20/08/2018irturner
    Great WillowherbEpilobium hirsutum20/08/2018irturner
    Common WaspVespula vulgaris20/08/2018irturner
    Garden SpiderAraneus diadematus20/08/2018irturner
    Flowering-rushButomus umbellatus29/08/2016Peter Smith
    Painted LadyVanessa cardui29/08/2016Peter Smith
    Water VoleArvicola amphibius29/08/2015Pam Darby
    Banded DemoiselleCalopteryx splendens24/07/2012Douglas Maas
    GatekeeperPyronia tithonus24/07/2012Douglas Maas

    Group Common name Latin name Last seen
    AmphibiansCommon ToadBufo bufo07/09/2019
    Bees, Wasps, AntsCommon WaspVespula vulgaris20/08/2018
    BirdsYellowhammerEmberiza citrinella08/04/2019
    ButterfliesGatekeeperPyronia tithonus24/07/2012
    ButterfliesPainted LadyVanessa cardui29/08/2016
    Dragonflies and DamselfliesBanded DemoiselleCalopteryx splendens24/07/2012
    MammalsWater VoleArvicola amphibius29/08/2015
    ReptilesGrass SnakeNatrix natrix07/09/2019
    SpidersGarden SpiderAraneus diadematus20/08/2018
    WildflowersFlowering-rushButomus umbellatus29/08/2016
    WildflowersGreat WillowherbEpilobium hirsutum20/08/2018
    WildflowersCommon Cat's-earHypochaeris radicata20/08/2018
    WildflowersOrange BalsamImpatiens capensis20/08/2018
    WildflowersArrowheadSagittaria sagittifolia20/08/2018
    WildflowersMarsh WoundwortStachys palustris20/08/2018

    Species group Total no. of species Total no. of records
    Dragonflies and Damselflies11
    Bees, Wasps, Ants11