Glen Parva

    Glen Parva lies to the south of Leicester. The River Soar and Grand Union Canal run through the parish, as does the old Great Central railway line - now a cycle and walking route linking to the centre of Leicester.


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    Total species seen in this parish: 481

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    Welcome to Glen Parva

    Welcome to the new Glen Parva NatureSpot page which gives local residents the opportunity to find out about, and contribute to our knowledge of, the wildlife in our parish. Just click on the headers of these news stories to read more.

    Recording Glen Parva Wildlife

    We would like more wildlife observations from the parish. So, if you've seen a species you recognise, from a Blue tit to a Bluebell, click on the header to find out what to do.

    Wild Places Around Glen Parva

    To find out more about the featured Wild Places in and around the parish (red spaces on the map), including species lists and images, visit the Wild Places link on the main menu and enter the village name into the parish selection box. Contact NatureSpot if you have an idea for any additional Wild Places.

    Latest records

    Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
    Phalangium opilio05/10/2019David Gould
    Andricus grossulariae15/09/2019David Gould
    Oak Bush-cricketMeconema thalassinum14/09/2019parvares
    Eristalis arbustorum05/09/2019egaten
    Chequered HoverflyMelanostoma scalare05/09/2019egaten
    Melanostoma mellinum05/09/2019egaten
    Helophilus trivittatus05/09/2019egaten
    The FootballerHelophilus pendulus05/09/2019egaten
    Long-tailed TitAegithalos caudatus05/09/2019egaten
    JayGarrulus glandarius05/09/2019egaten
    MinkNeovison vison29/08/2019Antonia
    Green WoodpeckerPicus viridis20/08/2019parvares
    Privet Hawk-mothSphinx ligustri15/08/2019parvares
    Prickly LettuceLactuca serriola26/07/2019parvares
    Meadow VetchlingLathyrus pratensis20/07/2019parvares

    Group Common name Latin name Last seen
    AmphibiansCommon ToadBufo bufo26/06/2015
    AmphibiansSmooth NewtLissotriton vulgaris27/06/2015
    AmphibiansCommon FrogRana temporaria11/03/2012
    Bees, Wasps, AntsAmblyteles armatorius14/06/2011
    Bees, Wasps, AntsRam's-horn Gall WaspAndricus aries06/09/2017
    Bees, Wasps, AntsAndricus grossulariae15/09/2019
    Bees, Wasps, AntsKnopper Oak Gall WaspAndricus quercuscalicis06/09/2017
    Bees, Wasps, AntsGarden BumblebeeBombus hortorum26/06/2015
    Bees, Wasps, AntsTree BumblebeeBombus hypnorum26/07/2016
    Bees, Wasps, AntsRed-tailed BumblebeeBombus lapidarius27/06/2015
    Bees, Wasps, AntsWhite-tailed Bumble BeeBombus lucorum agg.27/06/2015
    Bees, Wasps, AntsCommon Carder BumblebeeBombus pascuorum26/08/2016
    Bees, Wasps, AntsEarly BumblebeeBombus pratorum06/09/2017
    Bees, Wasps, AntsVestal Cuckoo BumblebeeBombus vestalis26/06/2015
    Bees, Wasps, AntsBedeguar Gall WaspDiplolepis rosae25/08/2017
    Bees, Wasps, AntsYellow Meadow AntLasius flavus26/06/2015
    Bees, Wasps, AntsSmall Black AntLasius niger26/06/2015
    Bees, Wasps, AntsVulgichneumon saturatorius06/09/2017
    BeetlesCantharis nigra26/06/2016
    BeetlesCantharis rufa26/06/2015
    Beetles7 Spot LadybirdCoccinella septempunctata26/08/2016
    BeetlesDonacia semicuprea14/06/2011
    BeetlesGreat Diving BeetleDytiscus marginalis27/06/2015
    BeetlesElmis aenea11/09/2017
    BeetlesGalerucella sagittariae26/04/2015
    BeetlesHarlequin LadybirdHarmonia axyridis06/09/2017
    BeetlesHypera rumicis04/05/2015
    BeetlesLeistus ferrugineus26/06/2015
    BeetlesLeistus spinibarbis26/06/2015

    Species group Total no. of species Total no. of records
    Trees, Shrubs & Climbers4559
    Grasses, Rushes & Sedges3236
    Slugs & Snails2436
    Mosses & Liverworts2122
    Bees, Wasps, Ants1519
    Dragonflies and Damselflies1120
    Flies, Gnats and Midges711
    Ferns & Horsetails510
    Woodlice, Crustaceans44
    Grasshoppers & Crickets46
    harvestmen (Opiliones)11
    Centipedes & Millipedes11
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