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    Knighton Ward is in the south-east of the City of Leicester.  The population at the time of the 2011 census was 16,805.  The ward covers an area of 415 hectares (1.6 square miles).  Knighton Park is a significant area of green open space at the southern boundary of the ward, where it meets with Oadby and Wigston.  There is not a lot of public open space in the rest of the ward, but parts of the ward are characterised by large gardens with mature trees, which are gradually being diminished by backland development.  Leicester University manages the Attenborough Arboretum, which is a good place to view native and introduced trees and a variety of wildlife.  There is a small local nature reserve at the Wash Brook Nature Reserve on the edge of the ward next to the Midland Mainline.


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    Total species seen in this parish: 1330


    Thanks to NatureSpot, Leicester City Council and Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust for supporting the work of Knighton Wild in Knighton.

    Wild places

    Welcome to Knighton

    Welcome to the Knighton Ward page in NatureSpot. Knighton Wild is the local wildlife group in Knighton and exists to encourage people to enjoy and record our local wildlife and improve the local environment for wildlife. News in this section. Upcoming events in the Parish Update section below.

    Outstanding Assessment for Knighton Green

    Knighton Wild’s work in St Mary’s Churchyard and on Knighton Green is entered in the It’s Your Neighbourhood scheme run by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). Each year an assessor visits us to review progress and make an assessment based around community participation, environmental responsibility and gardening achievement. This is the third year we have been part of the scheme and in previous years we have been pleased to get a grade 3 (improving) but this year we have excelled ourselves and got a grade 5 outstanding!

    City Nature Challenge in Knighton

    Knighton Wild members took part in two events for the City Nature Challenge 2019 between 26th and 29th May. 

    On Saturday 27th, members worked with Friends of Knighton Green to record as many species as possible in Knighton Green, helping to establish a baseline of what is present before the wildflower sowing and other management changes take effect. 

    Walk in the Park

    Members of Knighton Wild walked round Knighton Park on 13th April and recorded around 56 species, including 20 birds.  In the arboretum area to the east side of the park, there were  laurel bushes with large numbers of bees sunning themselves on the leaves, including the tawny mining bee, and a probable ashy mining bee.

    Tawny mining bee

    Parish Update

    Get involved this year with Knighton Wild in meetings and practical activities.

    Birdwatching Walk - Washbrook Local Nature Reserve

    Saturday 25th April, 10.00 am-12.00 noon.  Meet at the reserve entrance near the mini-roundabout on Knighton Lane East.  The focus of the visit will be on birds, but we shall no doubt see all kinds of other wildlife.  All welcome.

    Practical Work on Knighton Green

    Knighton Green is the area between the ends of Kenwood Road and Church Lane.  Friends of Knighton Green have planted a wildflower meadow and some local varieties of apple trees in a small community orchard.  Check out the Friends of Knighton Green page on Knighton Wild's website for details of future activities.

    If you are interested and have ideas for local activities then please contact us: or

    Latest records

    Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
    Pink ProwlerOonops domesticus22/02/2020AJ Cann
    Grey SquirrelSciurus carolinensis14/02/2020Simon Bennett
    BlackbirdTurdus merula14/02/2020Simon Bennett
    Grey HeronArdea cinerea14/02/2020Simon Bennett
    SparrowhawkAccipiter nisus14/02/2020Simon Bennett
    WrenTroglodytes troglodytes14/02/2020Simon Bennett
    Song ThrushTurdus philomelos14/02/2020Simon Bennett
    RobinErithacus rubecula14/02/2020Simon Bennett
    Blue TitCyanistes caeruleus14/02/2020Simon Bennett
    Great TitParus major14/02/2020Simon Bennett
    Long-tailed TitAegithalos caudatus14/02/2020Simon Bennett
    GreenfinchCarduelis chloris14/02/2020Simon Bennett
    GoldfinchCarduelis carduelis14/02/2020Simon Bennett
    Wood PigeonColumba palumbus14/02/2020Simon Bennett
    Carrion CrowCorvus corone14/02/2020Simon Bennett

    Group Common name Latin name Last seen
    Mosses & LiverwortsGreen Yoke-mossZygodon viridissimus27/04/2019
    SpidersZygiella x-notata05/08/2019
    MothsLeopard MothZeuzera pyrina10/07/2015
    SawfliesHoneysuckle SawflyZaraea lonicerae19/04/2018
    MothsBird-cherry ErmineYponomeuta evonymella06/07/2018
    MothsErmine Moth agg.Yponomeuta agg.08/07/2019
    Flies, Gnats and MidgesXyphosia miliaria02/07/2017
    HoverfliesXylota segnis07/06/2017
    MothsEarly GreyXylocampa areola03/04/2017
    FungiDead Man's FingersXylaria polymorpha12/01/2018
    FungiCandlesnuff FungusXylaria hypoxylon28/11/2018
    MothsSquare-spot RusticXestia xanthographa22/08/2017
    MothsDouble Square-spotXestia triangulum19/06/2017
    MothsSetaceous Hebrew CharacterXestia c-nigrum05/07/2019
    LichensXanthoria parietina25/11/2015
    MothsGarden CarpetXanthorhoe fluctuata24/06/2017
    HoverfliesXanthogramma pedissequum sensu lato05/08/2014
    Springtails & BristletailsWillowsia platani14/06/2019
    MammalsRed FoxVulpes vulpes29/07/2014
    HoverfliesVolucella zonaria27/07/2008
    HoverfliesPellucid FlyVolucella pellucens02/07/2017
    HoverfliesVolucella inanis07/08/2013
    Slugs & SnailsPellucid Glass SnailVitrina pellucida02/10/1987
    Slugs & SnailsMilky Crystal SnailVitrea contracta02/10/1987
    WildflowersMistletoeViscum album05/03/2016
    WildflowersCommon Dog-violetViola riviniana03/05/2015
    WildflowersSweet VioletViola odorata06/04/2019
    WildflowersBush VetchVicia sepium26/06/2016
    WildflowersCommon VetchVicia sativa13/06/2012
    WildflowersTufted VetchVicia cracca26/08/2017

    Species group Total no. of species Total no. of records
    Trees, Shrubs & Climbers73151
    Flies, Gnats and Midges57129
    Bees, Wasps, Ants54662
    Mosses & Liverworts42101
    Slugs & Snails35177
    Springtails & Bristletails2985
    Mites, Ticks & Pseudoscorpions2441
    Grasses, Rushes & Sedges2251
    Dragonflies and Damselflies10164
    Woodlice, Crustaceans947
    Centipedes & Millipedes918
    harvestmen (Opiliones)818
    Grasshoppers & Crickets629
    Barklice & Booklice56
    Ferns & Horsetails45
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