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    Total species seen in this parish: 2795

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    Welcome to Sapcote

    Welcome to the new Sapcote NatureSpot page which gives local residents the opportunity to find out about, and contribute to our knowledge of, the wildlife in our parish. Just click on the headers of these news stories to read more.

    Dark Crimson Underwing

    A rare migrant moth - the Dark Crimson Underwing was recorded for the first time in Leicestershire and Rutland when it turned up in a garden trap at Morely Road in Sapcote on 26th August 2019. It is quite a large and noticeable species, although there are others that look quite similar.  It was checked out by the County Recorder for moths and accepted as a first record for our area.



    Another rare moth recorded in Sapcote

    Another rare moth has been recorded at the light trap run in Harecroft Crescent, Sapcote.  The Waved Black (Parascotia fuliginaria), which is classed as nationally scarce, was taken on 24th July 2014 and is only the fifth record of this species in Leicestershire and Rutland.

    Rare wildflower in Sapcote village centre

    Crown Vetch has been recorded growing near to the centre of Sapcote. This plant is very uncommon in our area, and when the whole of the Leicestershire flora was last recorded in the 1970s it was not found at all! More

    Parish Update

    Sapcote Parish runs from Freeholt Wood near the M69 Island to the Old Fosse Road. The River Soar is only a stream as it passes through our Parish. The Parish also has a couple of water filled granite quarries typical of this part of Leicestershire.

    Latest records

    Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
    Brown Silver-linePetrophora chlorosata31/05/2020Graham Calow
    Orthotylus tenellus31/05/2020Graham Calow
    Green Oak TortrixTortrix viridana31/05/2020Graham Calow
    Buff ErmineSpilosoma lutea30/05/2020Graham Calow
    Cyclamen TortrixClepsis spectrana30/05/2020Graham Calow
    Light EmeraldCampaea margaritaria30/05/2020Graham Calow
    Silver-ground CarpetXanthorhoe montanata30/05/2020Graham Calow
    Treble LinesCharanyca trigrammica30/05/2020Graham Calow
    Ringed China-markParapoynx stratiotata29/05/2020Graham Calow
    Small Blood-veinScopula imitaria29/05/2020Graham Calow
    Common WainscotMythimna pallens28/05/2020Graham Calow
    Olive PearlUdea olivalis28/05/2020Graham Calow
    Cyclamen TortrixClepsis spectrana28/05/2020Graham Calow
    Sloe Flat-bodyLuquetia lobella28/05/2020Graham Calow
    Orange FootmanEilema sororcula27/05/2020n0rm@ndy

    Group Common name Latin name Last seen
    Woodlice, CrustaceansPill WoodlouseArmadillidium vulgare11/04/2010
    Woodlice, CrustaceansWater Hog-louseAsellus aquaticus03/04/2012
    Woodlice, CrustaceansCommon Shiny WoodlouseOniscus asellus26/02/2018
    Woodlice, CrustaceansSignal CrayfishPacifastacus leniusculus30/09/2015
    Woodlice, CrustaceansCommon Striped WoodlousePhiloscia muscorum19/04/2012
    Woodlice, CrustaceansCommon Rough WoodlousePorcellio scaber04/02/2013
    Woodlice, CrustaceansCommon Pygmy WoodlouseTrichoniscus pusillus agg.04/01/2013
    WildflowersYarrowAchillea millefolium25/09/2014
    WildflowersGround-elderAegopodium podagraria30/04/2013
    WildflowersFool's ParsleyAethusa cynapium08/01/2020
    WildflowersAgrimonyAgrimonia eupatoria22/06/2018
    WildflowersBugleAjuga reptans26/04/2007
    WildflowersHollyhockAlcea rosea16/04/2020
    WildflowersHairy Lady's-mantleAlchemilla filicaulis02/06/2006
    WildflowersGarden Lady's-mantleAlchemilla mollis24/05/2020
    WildflowersCommon Water-plantainAlisma plantago-aquatica26/08/2006
    WildflowersGarlic MustardAlliaria petiolata01/05/2006
    WildflowersChivesAllium schoenoprasum12/05/2020
    WildflowersThree-cornered GarlicAllium triquetrum10/05/2007
    WildflowersRamsonsAllium ursinum12/05/2006
    WildflowersRagweedAmbrosia artemisiifolia13/09/2013
    WildflowersGreen-winged OrchidAnacamptis morio02/05/2020
    WildflowersWood AnemoneAnemone nemorosa26/04/2006
    WildflowersWild AngelicaAngelica sylvestris09/04/2020
    WildflowersCow ParsleyAnthriscus sylvestris10/05/2007
    WildflowersSnapdragonAntirrhinum majus29/09/2016
    WildflowersParsley-piertAphanes arvensis17/04/2013
    WildflowersColumbine agg.Aquilegia26/05/2016
    WildflowersThale CressArabidopsis thaliana26/03/2020
    WildflowersLesser BurdockArctium minus08/05/2013

    Species group Total no. of species Total no. of records
    Trees, Shrubs & Climbers82318
    Bees, Wasps, Ants81204
    Grasses, Rushes & Sedges71192
    Craneflies, Gnats & Midges53136
    Slugs & Snails2986
    Mosses & Liverworts2945
    Lacewings & Scorpionflies2485
    Mites, Ticks & Pseudoscorpions1933
    Centipedes & Millipedes1560
    Ferns & Horsetails1439
    harvestmen (Opiliones)1172
    Springtails & Bristletails1158
    Dragonflies and Damselflies1151
    Grasshoppers & Crickets833
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