Project tagging

How it works

Records submitted to NatureSpot can be tagged with the name of a project which then allows these records to be easily filtered and downloaded by anyone set up as an administrator for that project. The setting up of a project and the relevant permissions for project administrators can only be done by a NatureSpot Administrator. Enquiries to

Records are tagged either by selecting the desired project from the drop-down menu on the Submit Records page, or by selecting the project as an activity on the iRecord app (see our app guidance page).

On the Submit Records form, the padlock icon next to the project drop-down menu enables all future record submissions from that person will be tagged with the selected project. This lock can be cancelled by simply clicking on the padlock icon again.

Records tagged with a project are treated the same as any other project. In due course they will be verified, any images displayed on the Latest Images page and the data distributed to the Records Centre, County Recorders and the NBN along with all other records submitted to NatureSpot.

Viewing my project records

A dedicated page is created for each project. These can only be viewed by those set up a project administrator for that project. Links to these pages are listed below.

Every record tagged with the project is displayed. The verification status of these records is shown using icons in the left hand column. More data relating to each record is available and can be added to the display by clicking on the spanner icon. Note that the column widths are automatically adjusted depending on the fields selected. The display gets very crowded if too many fields are selected, however you may wish to include additional fields in a download so these can temporarily be added. The box icon below the spanner gives a full screen display so this can be useful if more data fields are added.

Downloading project records

When the download button is clicked, a report is prepared that includes all the data fields selected (see above). It takes a few seconds for this report to be created and will be displayed on screen when ready. The report can be saved or downloaded directly. The data is downloaded as a CSV file which is a format that can be viewed in Excel or most other spreadsheet packages.