Do I Need to Register?

Registering an account with NatureSpot is free and quick to complete, but not necessary for everyone. Register here.

Yes – if you want to help record the wildlife of Leicestershire and Rutland, use the forum for identification help and access the full website.

No – if you just want to view the species pages, galleries and information pages.

If you've not recorded anything before then don't worry, it's easy and very rewarding. See our help page on becoming a NatureSpotter.

What to expect

To register you will be asked to complete a few details about yourself. When this is submitted you will be sent an email with a link to log on and complete the registration. If you don't receive this email check your spam folder. If you have any problems, we can help if you email

To log in to NatureSpot, you will need the username and password you set up. Remember the username is not your email address (or isn't advised to be!). You can ask for a password reset at any time.