Riverflies: Mayflies, Caddisflies & Stoneflies



Three orders of insects Ephemeroptera (Mayflies), Trichoptera (Caddisflies) and Plecoptera (Stoneflies) are collectively as 'riverflies' because they rely on aquatic habitats for part of their life cycle.

Leicestershire and Rutland Resources

LESOPS 29 - Provisional Atlas of Caddis Flies in Leicestershire & Rutland - Ray Morris

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Riverflies Partnership


A pictorial guide to the British Ephemeroptera Macadam, C.R. and Bennett, C.J. (2010). Field Studies Council, Shrewsbury. 128pp.

The Adult Trichoptera of Britain and Ireland Barnard and Ross. RES

Simple Key to Caddis Larvae FSC Aidgap

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