Rutland Water, Fishermens Car Park

    Selected Wild Place / Other Wild Places / Public Rights of Way / VC55 boundary

    Getting There

    By Car take the signposted Egleton-Hambleton turn off the A606 Oakham-Stamford road about a mile east of Oakham. Continue towards Hambleton for about two miles, at the end of the woods on the left there is a short track turning into the Fishermens Car park at [SK 896080]. There is ample parking at this site (see photo above).

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    Anglian Water
    Wild places

    Total species seen at this site: 64


    Fishermens Car Park is located off the road from Oakham onto the Hambleton Peninsula and offers extensive views of the North Arm of Rutland Water looking across towards Barnsdale. In winter many rare species of birds have been observed from this point and on sunny days the north facing views are well lit. A scope is essential for viewing at this locality as most birds are viewed at a distance.

    Wildlife Highlights

    In winter months rare grebes, sea ducks, divers and winter swans. Up to date information can be found at

    Further Information

    The site lies within Hambleton CP

    Latest records
    Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
    WigeonAnas penelope25/01/2018Steve Mathers
    Little GrebeTachybaptus ruficollis25/01/2018Steve Mathers
    Great Crested GrebePodiceps cristatus25/01/2018Steve Mathers
    GoldeneyeBucephala clangula25/01/2018Steve Mathers
    Mute SwanCygnus olor25/01/2018Steve Mathers
    RobinErithacus rubecula25/01/2018Steve Mathers
    Tufted DuckAythya fuligula25/01/2018Steve Mathers
    Great Black-backed GullLarus marinus25/01/2018Steve Mathers
    CormorantPhalacrocorax carbo25/01/2018Steve Mathers
    SwiftApus apus01/06/2017Rod Baker
    BuzzardButeo buteo16/05/2017Rod Baker
    OspreyPandion haliaetus02/05/2017Rod Baker
    OystercatcherHaematopus ostralegus02/05/2017Rod Baker
    GoldeneyeBucephala clangula01/04/2017Rod Baker
    Little GullHydrocoloeus minutus28/03/2017Rod Baker

    Group Common name Latin name Last seen
    BeetlesHarlequin LadybirdHarmonia axyridis21/10/2016
    BirdsSparrowhawkAccipiter nisus21/12/2012
    BirdsSedge WarblerAcrocephalus schoenobaenus05/04/2016
    BirdsCommon SandpiperActitis hypoleucos13/08/2015
    BirdsMandarinAix galericulata22/11/2016
    BirdsEgyptian GooseAlopochen aegyptiacus31/12/2016
    BirdsPintailAnas acuta31/12/2016
    BirdsGreen-winged TealAnas carolinensis07/01/2017
    BirdsShovellerAnas clypeata21/10/2016
    BirdsTealAnas crecca31/12/2016
    BirdsWigeonAnas penelope31/12/2016
    BirdsGadwallAnas strepera21/10/2016
    BirdsGreylag GooseAnser anser31/12/2016
    BirdsSwiftApus apus01/06/2017
    BirdsGreat White EgretArdea alba01/11/2016
    BirdsGrey HeronArdea cinerea31/12/2016
    BirdsPochardAythya ferina24/11/2016
    BirdsTufted DuckAythya fuligula25/01/2018
    BirdsScaupAythya marila23/01/2016
    BirdsGoldeneyeBucephala clangula28/02/2017
    BirdsBuzzardButeo buteo01/10/2015
    BirdsDunlinCalidris alpina31/12/2016
    BirdsSiskinCarduelis spinus22/12/2015
    BirdsLittle Ringed PloverCharadrius dubius03/08/2013
    BirdsWhite-winged Black TernChlidonias leucopterus19/07/2015
    BirdsBlack TernChlidonias niger27/08/2015
    BirdsLong-tailed DuckClangula hyemalis02/02/2013
    BirdsRavenCorvus corax12/01/2016
    BirdsWhooper SwanCygnus cygnus29/10/2013
    BirdsMute SwanCygnus olor25/01/2018
    BirdsHouse MartinDelichon urbicum02/04/2016
    BirdsLittle EgretEgretta garzetta17/06/2014
    BirdsRobinErithacus rubecula25/01/2018
    BirdsPeregrine FalconFalco peregrinus29/10/2013
    BirdsKestrelFalco tinnunculus03/02/2015
    BirdsGreat Northern DiverGavia immer01/04/2014
    BirdsOystercatcherHaematopus ostralegus02/05/2017
    BirdsSwallowHirundo rustica02/04/2016
    BirdsLittle GullHydrocoloeus minutus28/03/2017
    BirdsGreat Black-backed GullLarus marinus31/12/2016
    BirdsCommon ScoterMelanitta nigra08/11/2016
    BirdsSmewMergus albellus01/12/2016
    BirdsRed KiteMilvus milvus30/07/2013
    BirdsPied WagtailMotacilla alba31/12/2016
    BirdsYellow WagtailMotacilla flava17/09/2016
    BirdsRed-crested PochardNetta rufina22/11/2014
    BirdsCurlewNumenius arquata21/07/2015
    BirdsWhimbrelNumenius phaeopus21/07/2015
    BirdsOspreyPandion haliaetus23/04/2013
    BirdsCormorantPhalacrocorax carbo25/01/2018
    BirdsChiffchaffPhylloscopus collybita02/04/2016
    BirdsSlavonian GrebePodiceps auritus19/11/2015
    BirdsGreat Crested GrebePodiceps cristatus25/01/2018
    BirdsRed-necked GrebePodiceps grisegena05/04/2016
    BirdsBlack-necked GrebePodiceps nigricollis13/10/2015
    BirdsCommon TernSterna hirundo25/06/2014
    BirdsArctic TernSterna paradisaea20/04/2013
    BirdsLittle GrebeTachybaptus ruficollis22/12/2015
    BirdsShelduckTadorna tadorna24/07/2014
    BirdsGreenshankTringa nebularia22/08/2013
    BirdsRedshankTringa totanus14/10/2014
    BirdsLapwingVanellus vanellus31/12/2016
    Grasshoppers & CricketsRoesel's Bush-cricketMetrioptera roeselii11/09/2016
    MammalsRed FoxVulpes vulpes02/11/2013