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 Mike Higgott

 Naturespot Trustee

 Interested in all wildlife

 Nigma walckenaeri

Why did you choose this species?

When I found my first Nigma walckenaeri in my garden, there was only one previous record from the county. I've since found a lot more in several locations. It's a gorgeous spider.

What are the threats that it faces?

While many species are declining in the UK, this is one that has significantly increased its range in England, previously being a Southern species, so it appears to be doing well at the moment.

What can we do to help this species and others like it?

It seems to be managing quite well. As it is spreading northwards, records of this species in new locations are valuable in tracking its progress.

What are your wider interests in nature?

I'm interested in all areas, but particularly invertebrates. My main areas of interest are spiders, harvestmen, bugs, flies, and barkflies, but as my knowledge and experience increases I'm getting deeper into more areas.

Where is your favourite place for enjoying nature?

While nature reserves are great, I spend more time finding wildlife in my garden or at lunchtimes at work. Gardens, hedgerows, and areas of woodland can contain hundreds of species if managed in a wildlife-friendly way, and a smaller area can be covered more thoroughly and more regularly without needing a lot of time.

What are your top tips for helping wildlife?

Wildlife can exist everywhere. Every hedgerow, roadside verge and garden is potentially useful to wildlife, so make these as wildlife-friendly as possible.