Acericerus vittifrons

Alternative names
Idiocerus vittifrons

Length 5 to 6 mm. Leafhoppers in the Idiocerinae are large and often highly patterned, with a very broad, short vertex. The group is large and often very difficult to identify. It is similar to the closely-related I. Ribauti and for this reason it can only be said that our illustration is very likely to be Idiocerus vittifrons.

Identification difficulty
Recording advice

Detailed examination of the specimen is needed to identify this species. A photograph alone is not normally sufficient because key features are not obvious and there are one or more similar species.


The two species mentioned above are both found on Maple.

When to see it

Idiocerus vittifrons is usually encountered between August and December.

Life History

It overwinters as an adult.

UK Status

Locally common on Field Maple in southern England.

VC55 Status

Its status in Leicestershire & Rutland is not known at present.

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