Allantus rufocinctus


Size: 7 to 9 mm. Allantus rufocinctus is the only Allantus species in the British Isles to have both a red girdled abdomen and black hind femora. The abdomen is black, girdled with red across tergites three or four to five or six. Hind femora are black with at most the extreme base white. The mesopleura has punctures on the upper part. Tegulae white and hind trochanters at least marked with white.

Similar Species

Allantus calceatus is similar but the hind femora are red.

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Hedgerows and other areas where the larval foodplants are found.

When to see it

Flight period: May to July.

Life History

Larvae feed on roses and brambles.

UK Status

Widespread in England and Wales.

VC55 Status

Rare or rarely recorded in Leicestershire and Rutland.

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14/05/2022 (Harding, Ian)
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14/05/2022 (Harding, Ian)

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