Anarsia spartiella

Alternative names
Small Crest

Wingspan 12 to 15 mm. The wings may be relatively plain, or have darker and paler mottling. The long, upwardly curved, labial palps of the female protrude from a large tuft of scales, but the shorter palps of the male are concealed in the tuft.

Identification difficulty
Recording advice

Good photographs required. 


Where the larval host plants occur.

When to see it

On the wing between June and August.

Life History

In May and June, the larvae spin the shoots of Gorse, Broom or Dyer's Greenweed, feeding within.

UK Status

Distributed throughout much of England, local in Scotland and mostly coastal in Wales and Ireland. In the Butterfly Conservation's Microlepidoptera Report 2011 this species was classified as local.

VC55 Status

Infrequently recorded in Leicestershire and Rutland.

35.020 BF856

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