Antispila petryi

Alternative names
Yellow-spot Lift

Wingspan 6 mm. Most likely to be recorded from vacated mines and leaf cut-outs. The mines occur on Dogwood, the larva eating out a short gallery leading to a blotch, then cutting an oval case.

Similar Species

Antispila metallella, Antispila treitschkiella.

Identification difficulty

Adult  Leafmine

Recording advice

Adult moths need to be confirmed by gen det. Leafmine records must state the host species and include an image of the mine measured against a millimetre rule. 


Woodland, downland and scrubland where Dogwood occurs.

When to see it

Leafmine: Aug to October.

Life History

Larva mines leaves of Dogwood, subsequently living within a movable case, and over-wintering as a pupa.

UK Status

Local in southern England, north to Yorkshire.

VC55 Status

Rare, or rarely recorded in Leicestershire and Rutland.

159a / 6.002

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