Acrossus depressus

Alternative names
Aphodius depressus

This dung beetle is about 6 mm long and can be very variable in colour, ranging from specimens with rust red elytra and black thorax, to all black forms. The top of the pronotum is evenly covered with fine punctures.

Identification difficulty
Recording advice

Unless identified by a recognised expert, a photo is required even for aggregate records, and the specimen should be examined with a microscope. In the comments box, state the key or ID method used and describe the size and identifying characters.


Often found in herbivore dung, but flies well and is sometimes attracted to light.

When to see it

Best time to see it is summer and autumn, with a peak around August.

UK Status

Widespread and fairly frequent in Britain becoming more frequent north of the Thames.

VC55 Status

Fairly frequent in Leicestershire and Rutland.

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