Black-headed Cardinal Beetle - Pyrochroa coccinea


Length 14 to 20 mm. Pronotum and elytra quite smooth and bright red or scarlet, otherwise rather shiny black and with a black head.

Identification difficulty
Recording advice

Records must be supported by good photograph(s).


They are diurnal and lead an exposed and conspicuous lifestyle on herbaceous vegetation, typically in wooded situations with a supply of decaying logs and fallen timber.

When to see it

Adults are short-lived and have a brief season, usually appearing in April, becoming common through May and early June and only rarely encountered later.

Life History

Mating occurs early in the season and females oviposit among or beneath areas of dead bark on a range of broadleaf wood, more especially Oak and Beech, usually on fallen timber.

UK Status

In the UK it is generally common in southeast England but more local and sporadic further north to the Lake District and is generally absent from the West Country and Wales.

VC55 Status

Rarely recorded in Leicestershire and Rutland.

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