Black-necked Grebe - Podiceps nigricollis

Alternative names
Eared Grebe

Closely resembles the Slavonian Grebe but in all plumages it has a small and characteristically up-turned bill, a steep forehead and peaked crown This small grebe is unmistakeable when in summer plumage - it has golden tufts of feathers on its face, contrasting with its black head and neck. In winter plumage it is predominately white with a poorly defined black cap, which distinguishes it from the crisper-looking Slavonian Grebe. The steep forehead of the Black-necked Grebe makes its head look 'peaked'.

Identification difficulty

Breeds on shallow well-vegetated lakes. Winters on estuaries, lakes, gravel pits and reservoirs.

When to see it

All year round, but best looked for in winter.

UK Status

A rare breeding bird, about 50 breeding pairs, it is also uncommon in winter with 130 individuals over wintering.

VC55 Status

Uncommon passage migrant and rare winter visitor.

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