Bluebell - Hyacinthoides non-scripta


    Height up to 30 cm. Flowers violet blue, occasionally pinkish or white, nodding tubular bells 14 to 20 mm long, borne in a one sided raceme drooping towards the tip. Leaves 3 to 6 linear-lanceolate. The anthers are creamy white in this species.

    Similar Species

    The hybrid with Spanish Bluebell is becoming more common and is easily confused. Spanish Bluebell has blue anthers and a more trumpet-shaped flower. The native Bluebell has flowers that are more tubular and parallel-sided. The two species hybridise - see our page for Hybrid Bluebell for details.

    Identification difficulty
    ID guidance

    Narrow leaves, anthers cream, raceme drooping at tip, flowers tubular (parallel-sided) and with strongly recurved petals. 

    Recording advice

    Photo of the flowering plant in its habitat, plus closeup of flower and stamens (a side-on view of some flowers is helpful).  Plants in currently or previously wooded habitats are likely to be this. Photos in leaf or of seed-heads cannot be accepted.


    Woods, sometimes in shady ditches, etc.

    When to see it

    April to June.

    Life History


    UK Status

    Common and widespread throughout Britain.

    VC55 Status

    Common in suitable locations in Leicestershire and Rutland. In the 1979 Flora survey of Leicestershire it was found in 283 of the 617 tetrads.

    In the current Checklist (Jeeves, 2011) it is listed as native, woodland; usually on at least moderately acid soils, locally abundant.

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