Blunt Tailed Digger Wasp - Crossocerus dimidiatus


One of the larger British Crossocerus with yellow-spotted gasters, resembling Crabro and Ectemnius, rather than the smaller, darker Crossocerus more typical of the British fauna.

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Likely to be encountered where its prey species Snipe Flies occur, i.e. in moist vegetation, hedgerows and woodland edges.

When to see it

Univoltine; May to August.

Life History

Preys on Snipe Flies (Rhagio sp.) and possibly other fly species. The species nests in existing cavities such as burrows in rotten wood or soft mortar between stones or bricks.

UK Status

Crossocerus dimidiatus is found over much of the British Isles, possibly being more common in the north.

VC55 Status

Status in Leicestershire and Rutland not known.

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