Bordered Shieldbug - Legnotus limbosus

Alternative names
Legnotus limbatus

Length 3.5 to 4.5 mm. A small black shieldbug with a pale edge to the corium which almost reaches the wing membrane.

Similar Species

The much rarer L. picipes (Heath Shieldbug) is similar, although only the basal edge of the corium is pale and the central lobe of the head is the same length as the outer two (clearly shorter in L. limbosus).

Identification difficulty

Associated with bedstraws (Galium sp) growing on dry friable soils in sunny situations, frequently burrowing into loose soil at the base of the foodplant.

When to see it

Adult: All year.

UK Status

Widespread in southern Britain, but unobtrusive, becoming scarcer further north and absent from Scotland and Ireland.

VC55 Status

Infrequent or little recorded in Leicestershire and Rutland where there are probably less than half a dozen records.

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