Broad-leaved Cockspurthorn - Crataegus persimilis


A wide bush or tree with ovate serrated dark green shiny leaves, and shoots with long thorns. Fruit dark red berry. Flowers white and in clusters.

Similar Species

There are a number of similar species planted in parks and gardens, and possibly naturalising.  Identification depends on details of fruits flowers and leaves, and reference should be made to the key in Stace 4th edn.

Identification difficulty
Recording advice

Due to the numbers of similar species, this should be keyed out using Stace 4th edition, with an explanation of how you have arrived at the species, or determined by the County Recorder or another expert.


Probably persisting from planted stock.

When to see it


Life History


UK Status

Most records come from the south of England.

VC55 Status

This is the first record for Leicestershire and Rutland, presumably planted and persisting. Not recorded in the 1979 Flora survey of Leicestershire.

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