Brown Heath Robberfly - Machimus cingulatus


    Size 10 to 13mm. A drab yellowish-brown fly. The femora are black on the anterior surface and orange of the posterior surface.

    Similar Species

    Machimus atricapillus has almost all hairs at sides of frons black whereas M. cingulatus has them mostly white. The 'moustache' of M. atricapillus has denser and more numerous black bristles than that of M. cingulatusM. cingulatus also tends to have strong dark bands on the anterior surface of the mid and fore tibiae. See ID Aids below.

    Identification difficulty
    Identification aids

    ID aid

    image: Malcolm Smart

    Recording advice

    Good quality close-up photographs or a specimen are required.


    Coastal dunes, sandy heaths and similar habitats.

    When to see it

    June to October

    Life History

    The adult makes short darts to capture prey which mainly consists of smaller Diptera.

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