Canada Goose - Branta canadensis


    A large goose, with a distinctive black head and neck and large white throat patch.

    Identification difficulty

    A familiar goose seen around lakes, gravel pits and town parks.

    When to see it

    All year round. In winter, occasional birds of small races are seen with other wild geese species in Northern Ireland and Western Scotland, and may be vagrant wild birds.

    Life History

    An introduced species from North America, it has successfully spread to cover most of the UK. It forms noisy flocks and is often regarded as a nuisance in areas where large numbers occur on amenity grassland and parks.

    UK Status

    Widespread and common in Britain

    VC55 Status

    Common in Leicestershire and Rutland, and fairly common as a breeding bird in the area.

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    Leicestershire & Rutland Map

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    Yellow squares = NBN records (all known data)
    Coloured circles = NatureSpot records: 2020+ | 2015-2019 | pre-2015

    UK Map