Canadian Fleabane - Conyza canadensis


    Short to tall hairy plant to 1.5 metres, leaves alternate, narrow, oblong, and the lower often deciduous before flowering. Flowers 2 to 5 mm with white ray florets scarcely longer than the yellow disk florets, borne in branched clusters. The phyllaries are more or less hairless in this species unlike the similar Guernsey Fleabane which has hairy phyllaries.

    Identification difficulty
    Recording advice

    The County Recorder has asked for a specimen of this plant to be retained for verification


    Cultivated and waste places, walls. Often in built up areas.

    When to see it

    July to September.

    Life History


    UK Status

    Only common in England, scarcer elsewhere in Britain.

    VC55 Status

    Fairly common and probably increasing in built up areas of Leicestershire and Rutland. In the 1979 Flora survey of Leicestershire it was found in 36 of the 617 tetrads.

    Leicestershire & Rutland Map

    UK Map