Cantharis livida


    Length: 11-14mm. All yellow/orange but with black on the hind leg tibiae which extends above the 'knees' onto the base of the femora.  Cantharis livida also has a darker form (var. rufipes).

    Identification difficulty

    Areas of long grass, including wasteland, parkland and open woodland.

    When to see it

    From May to August, but June and July are peak months.

    Life History

    This is a carnivorous beetle, the adult hunts other insects, often waiting on flowers for potential prey to arrive. The larvae hunt snails and worms.

    UK Status

    The species is widespread in England though never common.

    VC55 Status

    Fairly frequent but not common in Leicestershire and Rutland. There were a total of 39 VC55 records for this species up to March 2015.

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    Leicestershire & Rutland Map

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    Yellow squares = NBN records (all known data)
    Coloured circles = NatureSpot records: 2020+ | 2015-2019 | pre-2015

    UK Map