Case-bearing Clothes Moth - Tinea pellionella


Wingspan 9 to16 mm. The head is orange-brown and the forewings are plain brown but with 1 to 3 spots.

Identification difficulty

Often found indoors in woollen carpets and clothes.

When to see it

The adults are generally on the wing between June and October, but may appear outside this period since they often live inside buildings.

Life History

The larvae feed in a portable case, on such things as wool and fur, but also feathers and in birds' nests.

UK Status

This species is widespread but local in the British Isles. In the Butterfly Conservation’'s Microlepidoptera Report 2011 this species was classified as local.

VC55 Status

Occasional in Leicestershire and Rutland. L&R Moth Group status = C (very scarce resident or rare migrant).

12.027 BF240

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