Common Orange Legionnaire - Beris vallata

Alternative names
Orange Legionnaire

Length 5-6 mm. The Beris genus is typified by having six spines along the base of the scutellum.

B. vallata has a mainly orange abdomen. The male's wings are dark but the female's are fairly clear.

B. vallata can be distinguished from the similar B. clavipes by its hind leg tibia being half black and half orange (it is all orange on B. clavipes).

Similar Species

There are 6 British species in the Beris genus and these can usually be distinguished by the combination of abdomen and leg colours. See ID Aids below.

Identification difficulty
Identification aids

This genus of soldierflies are all of modest size with an elliptical abdomen. The abdomen is either blackish or mainly orange but without a striking pattern. They also have 6 spines projecting backwards from the scutellum. Note that flies in the related Chorisops genus have 4 spines.

There are 6 known species in Britain. It is not known if all can be found in Leicestershire and Rutland and the status descriptions are based on national records.

Species Abdomen Legs Status
B. chalybata black dull orange common
B. fuscipes black dark with orange on tips of femora + base of tibiae uncommon
B. geniculata black dark all over common
B. morrisii black clear yellow uncommon
B. clavipes orange hind tibiae orange rare
B. vallata orange hind tibiae half black / half orange common

Note: as with many species there can be variation amongst specimens.

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Found on vegetation in moist habitats such as marshes and wet woodland

When to see it

May - September

UK Status

Common throughout Britain

VC55 Status

Fairly common in Leicestershire and Rutland.

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Common names
Common Orange Legionnaire
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17/06/2009 (Calow, Graham)
Last record:
06/07/2023 (Cooper, Barbara)

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