Creeping-Jenny - Lysimachia nummularia

    Alternative names
    Creeping Jenny

    Low evergreen, hairless, creeping plant. Leaves opposite, oval to rounded, short stalked, gland dotted. Flowers yellow 12 to 18 mm solitary with wide sepal lobes, the petals dotted with black glands.

    Similar Species

    Lysimachia nemorum (Yellow Pimpernel)

    Identification difficulty
    ID guidance

    Leaves obtuse to rounded at apex, with black glands

    Recording advice

    Photos of leaves as well as flowers.


    Wet habitats, stream margins, ditches, damp grassland.  Often grown in gardens and frequently naturalised.

    When to see it

    May to July.

    Life History

    Evergreen perennial, many records may be naturalised garden escapes.

    UK Status

    Fairly common in England and Wales, becoming scarcer from the Scottish border northwards.

    VC55 Status

    Fairly frequent in Leicestershire and Rutland. In the 1979 Flora survey of Leicestershire it was found in 127 of the 617 tetrads.

    In the current Checklist (Jeeves, 2011) it is listed as Native, open woodland, disturbed ground, marshes; locally frequent

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    Leicestershire & Rutland Map

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