Cryptic Leatherbug - Bathysolen nubilus


Length 5.5 to 7 mm. This squashbug is characterised by a short and broad pronotum which lacks spines and has pale sides. The scutellum has a pale tip and the 1st antennal segment is rather broad, wider than the 4th. 

Identification difficulty
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A ground-dwelling species feeding on members of the pea family, particularly Black Medick and most likely to be encountered in dry habitats and in places where the food plants occur.

When to see it

Adults may be encountered at any time of year, the nymphs are most likely to be found between June and August.

UK Status

Historically very scarce, this species can now be found more widely across southern England and East Anglia.

VC55 Status

Status in Leicestershire and Rutland not known.

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