Deptford Pink - Dianthus armeria


The Deptford Pink is an upright plant. The flowers are stalkless and a rosy colour, about 1 cm in diameter. The leaf rosette at the base of the plant is green, a feature that distinguishes it from some other members of the pink family, which have grey-green leaves.

Identification difficulty
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Deptford Pink is a plant of disturbed ground such as tracks, field edges and hedgerows, and dry pasture. It prefers light, dry, sandy soil with a high pH, indicating alkaline conditions.

When to see it

Flowers in July and August.

Life History

Biennial – it is an incredibly prolific seed producer. Each plant can shed up to 400 seeds. Seeds disperse in late summer and a rosette of leaves grows the following year. The plant finally flowers the year after that.

UK Status

The Deptford pink is listed under the UK Biodiversity Action Plans and included in English Nature's Species Recovery Programme. It is also part of Plantlife's 'Back from the Brink' project.

VC55 Status

Uncommon in Leicestershire and Rutland.

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