Dropwort - Filipendula vulgaris


    Medium to tall, tufted plant with erect stems. Leaves pinnate with 8 to 25 pairs of toothed leaflets with smaller leaflets in between. Flowers pale creamy white, purplish beneath, 8 to 16 mm, in dense, flat headed clusters, usually with six petals.

    Identification difficulty

    Dry grassy habitats, roadside verges etc on calcareous soils.

    When to see it

    Flowers June to September.

    Life History


    UK Status

    Widespread in the southern half of Britain but rather local even here. Scarcer further north.

    VC55 Status

    Infrequent in Leicestershire and Rutland. In the 1979 Flora survey of Leicestershire it was found in 28 of the 617 tetrads.

    Leicestershire & Rutland Map

    UK Map